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This year’s Living the Next Economy Oakland Convergence, to be held October 21-23 at Oakstop, will shine the light on what’s working, what’s not, and what more we can do to build the inclusive, vibrant Oakland of our dreams. Included are two days of workshops, panels with local leaders, presentations, and self-organized open space sessions, followed by a day-long series of “Activation Sessions” for groups seeking mentorship and support in their policy campaigns, movement initiatives, or social enterprises.

To provide opportunities for our community to surface the issues of greatest concern to them, a majority of our talks and workshop content will be community driven. We are inviting community members to submit proposals for session topics that they are interested in coordinating for the conference. If selected, presenters will also receive discounted passes to attend the entire convergence (presenter passes will more than 50% off at $95 each).

Submit Your Session Proposal Today!

DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MONDAY, JUNE 13! We’ve received dozens of exciting session proposals for this year’s Living the Next Economy Convergence. We know there are a good number of people and organizations still working on important session ideas, so we’ve extended the deadline to Monday, June 13th. Space and timeslots are limited, so we cannot include all submitted sessions, but all proposals will be given due consideration as we strive to build an inclusive, engaging, and dynamic program. Thanks in advance for your submissions!

Application Process. Please submit your session proposals by June 15th, 2016. The Program Committee will work to create and consolidate themes and topics that align with community interest and expertise, will then incorporate feedback from our larger organizing body, and will then post the winning sessions by mid-summer 2016.

Keep it on Topic. We recognize that creating an inclusive, vibrant economy requires all voices. We welcome a wide variety of submissions, but please make sure the topic fits underneath the umbrella of creating an inclusive, vibrant Oakland economy. Under no circumstances should presentations be used for direct promotion of a product or service.

On July 15, 2016, the Program Committee will notify the individuals/organizations whose proposals were selected. We may reach out to inquire if session leaders are willing to collaborate in specific topic areas. We will support quality over quantity, and won’t be able to include every proposal in a weekend gathering, but will provide open space sessions throughout. Presenters will be offered discounted tickets at $95 each to attend the entire convergence, more than 50% off the regular price.

By July 31, 2016, we will aim to post the finalist sessions to be included as part of the overall program.

We will be reaching out to various networks, communities, businesses and organizations for input and to offer the opportunity to submit proposals via e-mail, our website, and through phone calls, as needed. For detailed submission information and an online form option, see below.

For questions and submissions, please contact:

Alli Chagi-Starr, Program Director

Submissions Information:

Proposals should include the following (go to online form below):

  • Session Leader or Moderator’s Contact Information: Name, affiliation (if any), e-mail address, phone number(s), contact address
  • Session Leader or Moderator’s Demographic Information (age/age range, disability status, gender, orientation, race/ethnicity, veteran status, class background, geographical, and/or other relevant info to help us build a truly representative, inclusive program)
  • Additional Presenters or Facilitators (no more than 4 total, in addition to the Moderator or Session Leader noted above): Names, affiliations (if any), and demographic information (age/age range, disability status, gender, orientation, race/ethnicity, veteran status, class background, geographical, and/or other relevant info to help us build a truly representative, inclusive program)
  • Theme or Issue Area: Choose from the following umbrella themes that have been created by the Program Committee to provide guidance around this year’s focus:
    • ARTS/CULTURE/SPIRIT: Arts/Ritual/Spiritual Activism and Inspiration
    • BEYOND BUSINESS AS USUAL: Socially Responsible/Just Economics/Shifting Culture; Leveraging Equitable Business Models / Weaving Culture into Business
    • DEVELOPMENT WITHOUT DISPLACEMENT: Reclaiming Community, Honoring Place, Tackling Displacement
    • ENERGY/CLIMATE JUSTICE/JUST TRANSITION: Just Environments: Sustainability and Equity /Just Transition Toward a Fossil-Free Economy for All
    • LEADERSHIP/ENGAGED EDUCATION: Transformative Leadership: Empowered Partnerships and Strategic Solutions Starting with the Self; Education and Engagement: Challenges and Innovations
    • RACIAL EQUITY/RESTORATIVE JUSTICE: Deeper Dialogues on Racial Justice, Whiteness, Reparations, Healing and Restorative Justice/The Economics of Race
    • RECLAIMING DEMOCRACY: Policy is Power: Making Change from the Ground Up/Getting Money Out of Politics/Grassroots, Community-Rooted Democracy
    • RECLAIMING THE COMMONS: Public Land for Public Good, Public Asset Protection, Land Commons Economics
  • Session Type: Choose from the following session types:
    • Arts: Artistic forms of creating and advancing change to create an inclusive, vibrant economy in Oakland, which may fit within scheduled content or elsewhere in the Living the New Economy 2016 experience.
    • Panel: A panel is composed of approximately 3-5 people and a panel moderator. Ideal format for highlighting differing perspectives on a topic, stakeholders affecting an issue, or a case study. Panels are oftentimes part presentation, conversation and Q&A with the audience.
    • Workshop: Workshops, open space, design sessions, intentional networking, interactive participation, and other facilitated modes that help attendees meet, collaborate, dig in and work through challenges facing Oakland’s economy.
  • Session Title: Short, descriptive title about the session
  • Session Description: Should provide a clear, concise description of what will be covered in the session. Also, should include details of any other participants (e.g., moderator, panelists, co-facilitator) who will be involved in the session
  • Audience: Describe the audience(s) you feel would be best served by your session.

* Poster Design: Generously contributed by Favianna Rodriguez

Session Proposal Submissions Form:


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