imageedit_10_6004304569Azibuike Akaba, Environmental Policy Analyst/Research Strategist/Climate Justice Activist kellycarlisleKelly Carlisle, Founder & Executive Director, Acta Non Verba Youth Urban Farm Project imageedit_2_9851673834Alicia Garza, Co-Founder, #Black Lives Matter & Special Projects Director, National Domestic Workers Alliance
Ericka HugginsEricka Huggins, human rights activist, poet, educator, Black Panther leader, former political prisoner SaruSaru Jayaraman, Co-Founder & Co-Director of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United imageedit_7_6140321601Wahleah Johns, Native Renewables
imageedit_119_2975874051Dr. Gail Myers, Founder, Farms to Grow


Zachary NorrisZachary Norris, Executive Director, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights imageedit_4_9623943258Sonya Renee Taylor, Founder, The Body is Not an Apology
imageedit_196_3164375398Climbing PoeTree, Co-Creators Alixa Garcia & Naima Penniman, multimedia theater, dual-voice spoken word, visual, hip hop imageedit_2_4857563342Michelle Romero, Deputy Director, Green for All

Session Presenters

imageedit_171_2869455803Renato Almanzor, Senior Director of Programs, LeaderSpring imageedit_95_6322782415Amber Bieg, Principal, Green-Ideas imageedit_67_5304366007Ricardo Bonilla, Oakland Programs Director, Hack the Hood
JJuanita Brown, Principal of Juanita Capri Brown & Associates HimPatrick Brown, Director, Leadership Academy at The Greenlining Institute imageedit_40_8350736897Isaac Buwembo, CEO of Civil Labs, Youth Impact Hub
imageedit_92_6687274716Alma Blackwell, Oakland Housing Rights Organizer, Causa Justa :: Just Cause imageedit_150_8259046804Marc Callado, Founder, Shift Local imageedit_17_2761114090Bilal Coleman, Planting Justice Team; Author, The Freedom Chronicles
imageedit_165_7919432338Rana Lehmer-Chang, Founder, House Kombucha / Treasurer, Henry George School SF RaniRani Croager, Co-Founder, Uptima Business Bootcamp


imageedit_29_8385676946Desmond Crockett, Co-facilitator, Richmond Project/Founder and Life Skills Facilitator, R.I.S.E.
imageedit_174_7672493111Sarah Cross-Ceti, Co-founder, Green Rush Consulting & Community Center imageedit_52_8668608039Kelly Curry, Education Team, Planting Justice; Author, Publisher, Activist imageedit_46_9815878499Joshua Danielson, Co-founder, Loconomics Cooperative
HerAya de Leon, Author, Spoken Word Poet, Director, June Jordan’s Poetry for the People imageedit_58_6677747122Madeira Dynes, Hack the Hood Youth Leader


imageedit_4_3651971939Jerry Elster, Healing Justice Coordinator,AFSC
imageedit_128_7761920791Faiza Farah, Finance Manager, Cutting Edge Capital imageedit_86_5910323344Aaron Fernando, Director of Membership and Trade, Bay Bucks imageedit_191_8887280784Nubian Flunder, Founder, The Healing Place Apothecary
desiDeseree Fontenot, Co-Convener, People of Color Sustainable Housing Network imageedit_14_4498187564Anthony Forrest, Youth Mentor, Planting Justice; Social Entrepreneur


imageedit_70_5270064380Robin Freeman, Co-Director, Brower / Dellums Institute for Sustainable Policy Studies, Merritt College
imageedit_98_3159247353CamishaFatima Gentry, Oakland Peace Ambassador / Restorative Justice Practitioner imageedit_125_2311079159Esther Goolsby, Community Planning Leader, Communities for a Better Environment imageedit_16_5332338869Corrina Gould, Title VII Coordinator American Indian Child Resource Center
imageedit_24_7273075964Desirae Harp, Singer / Songwriter, Educator at Hip Hop for Change, Indigenous Activist imageedit_35_6871535401Hank Herrera, President & CEO, Center for Popular Research, Education & Policy (C-PREP) YYaVette Holts, Cowrie Village & BAOBOB, Co-Founder of the Bay Area Organization of Black Owned Businesses
imageedit_122_9686617895Elana Isaacs, Co-Founder, Beyond Separation RedSandhya Jha, Founder & Director, Oakland Peace Center Keba Konte Keba Konte, Co-Founder of the Guerilla Cafe & Founder of Red Bay Coffee Roasters
imageedit_134_2490501791Jenny Kassan, Attorney / Advisor, LIFT Economy imageedit_140_4375410251John Katovich, Founder, Cutting Edge Capital imageedit_159_8735166616Nadia Khastagir, Co-Owner, Design Action Collective / Graphic Artist
imageedit_110_5659138973Daniel Leibsohnn, President and Executive Director, Community  Development Finance imageedit_13_8931885428Alison Lingane, Co-founder, Project Equity


imageedit_177_9206806275Tom Llewellyn, Organizing Director, Shareable


imageedit_20_3475757990Brandi Mack, National Director, The Butterfly Movement imageedit_199_5651649661Tara Marchant, Emerald Cities Oakland, Director imageedit_194_7143813144Lanese Martin, Founder, CannaBizWatch
imageedit_26_4465110477Deborah Mehan, Founder & Executive Director, Leadership Learning Community imageedit_75_7896184701Taylor Melendy, Farm Assistant, Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project imageedit_131_3733161192Gregory Mengel, Co-Founder, Beyond Separation
imageedit_104_7683472756Colin Miller, Co-Director, Rooted in Resilience imageedit_49_3254006840Kai Morton, Class of  2017 imageedit_72_7690207213Sabrina Mutuksina, Founder and CEO, The Town Kitchen
imageedit_89_4187571030Aftab Omer, Professor, Meridian University/Fellow, International Futures Forum & The World Academy of Arts and Sciences imageedit_101_8503195073Chinyere E Oteh, Founder, Cowrie Collective


imageedit_107_6277578681Daisy Ozim, Founder, Resilient Wellness,Vice President, SF Cannabis Legalization Taskforce
imageedit_80_7910791784Trevor Parham, Founder & Director, Oakstop shiva_28599271370_oShiva Patel, Co-Founder, Energy Solidarity Cooperative imageedit_23_5487970139Jessica Prentice, Three Stone Hearth


imageedit_83_3772089786Yassi Eskandari-Qajar, Policy Director, Sustainable Economies Law Center imageedit_168_9339417673Reem Rahim, Co-founder, Numi Tea Nina RobisonNina Robinson, Senior Portfolio Manager, ICA Fund Good Jobs
imageedit_146_6721456065Lisa Marie Rollins, Director, Playwright, Poet, Dramaturg / Resident Artist, Crowded Fire Theater imageedit_162_4496438559Nyame Selassie, Author, Gangsta To Guru, Sisters of The Soil AngelaAngela Sevin, Trainer, Beyond Separation & Director, The Green Life Project at San Quentin Prison
imageedit_202_2789823357Towanda Hiba Sherry, Community Leader/CPL policy committee member imageedit_43_4484992932Jasmine “Honey Gold” Stallworth, Increase the Peace, Youth Impact Hub imageedit_186_2402282249Watani Stiner, Cointelpro Survivor, Writer, Activist, Revolutionary
imageedit_61_7232324983Marc Mascarenhas-Swan, Facilitator, AORTA


ChrisChris Tittle, Director of Organizational Resilience, Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC) imageedit_78_7742595389Trang Tran, Co-Founder, QTViet (queer & trans) Refreshments / Youth Impact Hub
imageedit_137_3671616978Jessica Tovar, Organizer, Local Clean Energy Alliance zenZen Trenholm, Local Initiatives Organizer, Cooperative Ecosystems Program, Democracy at Work Institute imageedit_55_2617396131Kevin Warner, Vice President of Investment Services, Emerald Cities Collaborative
imageedit_153_7657480031Marvin K. White, Poet, Preacher Public Theologian, Writer, Reader, Performer, Thinker imageedit_183_2206405472Troy Williams, Founder, San Quentin Prison Report / Restorative Justice Facilitator / Journalist imageedit_32_5525935038Haleh Zandi, Co-Founder / Educational Director, Planting Justice
imageedit_206_2965618245Brian McBride, Deputy Director, PICO California; Faith Leader imageedit_212_4342648774David Ralston, Community Engagement Manager, Bay Area Air Quality Management District imageedit_209_6629907466Subin Varghese, Community Renewable Energy Director, Sustainable Economies Law Center
imageedit_221_3953828487Sherri Pittman, Managing Director, California Clean Energy Fund imageedit_215_3198804151Patricia Contreras Flores, Michocana Purepecha Firekeeper, Community Organizer, E. Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy imageedit_218_4780803870Rico Pabon, Emcee, Artist, Activist
imageedit_2_7916524980Dan Kalb, Oakland City Councilmember (District 1 Incumbent) imageedit_4_9890703946Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, Executive Director, Move to Amend imageedit_7_8269103765Lynette McElhaney, Oakland City Councilmember (District 3 Incumbent)
imageedit_21_7049305148Shawn McDougal, Co-Director, Community Democracy Project imageedit_22_8356440823Viola Gonzalez, Oakland City Council candidate (District 5 Challenger) imageedit_27_7351091828Will Wiltschko, Lead Organizer, CA Citizens Trade Campaign
imageedit_13_5607184030Noni Session, Founding Organizer, State of Black Oakland (SOBO) & Oakland City Council candidate (District 3 Challenger) imageedit_16_7934385564Peggy Moore, Former Senior Special Advisor, Mayor Libby Schaaf & Oakland City Council candidate (At-Large Challenger) imageedit_10_2184767331Noel Gallo, Oakland City Councilmember (District 5 Incumbent)
imageedit_19_8446702931Rebecca Kaplan, Oakland City Councilmember (At-Large Incumbent) imageedit_2_3305182624Alli Chagi-Starr, Program Director, Living the Next Economy/Starr Strategies Consulting/Mills MBA Candidate imageedit_5_3792215589Kate Booser, Senior Operations Manager, ICA Fund Good Jobs

Sarahy Dominguez, Youth Leader, HOPE Collaborative 


Van Dell, Qilombo, Afrikatown


Region Lewis, Full Harvest Farm

imageedit_19_7574734397 “Tiny” Lisa Gray-Garcia, Homefulness, POOR Magazine imageedit_16_9943417914Wichacpiluta Candelaria


imageedit_27_8538401186Ella Teevan, Northern California Organizer, Food & Water Watch
imageedit_30_4281011927Saied Karamooz, Coalition for Police Accountability imageedit_33_5096597917 Jibrail Muhammad, Mushail imageedit_36_2555335652Karla Parker, Realtor
imageedit_39_3900125622James Bell, Mandela Market imageedit_41_8184307534Beth Teper, Associate, Brower Dellums Institute for Sustainable Policy Studies imageedit_44_7810333367 Sunita de Tourreil, Good Food Awards


Karla McNeil Rueda, Founder, CRU Chocolate


Tatiana Chaterji, Theater of the Oppressed


Aryeh Sehell, Theater of the Oppressed

imageedit_57_3106048248Antoine Moore, Theater of the Oppressed imageedit_60_7436130598Levana Saxon, Theater of the Oppressed imageedit_83_6156034972Zara Zimbardo,Theater of the Oppressed
imageedit_86_8468098234Tele’jon Quinn,  Theater of the Oppressed imageedit_69_6651905175Jamilah Bradshaw-­Dieng, Theater of the Oppressed imageedit_72_8499579422Cecilia Cissell Lucas,  Theater of the Oppressed

Peter Dakota Molof, Theater of the Oppressed


Scott Lettieri, Theater of the Oppressed


Solid One, Theater of the Oppressed

imageedit_91_8827523954 Kazu Haga, Founder, East Point Peace Academy imageedit_102_9737978473 Annie McShiras, Self-Help Federal Credit Union


Lina Buffington, People of Color Sustainable Housing Network 

imageedit_105_7360907580Colin Miller, Rooted in Resilience imageedit_96_6031233701 Emi Wang, Greenlining Institute

imageedit_111_6388917457Matt Hummel, At-Large Challenger

imageedit_108_8447759162Bruce Quan, At-Large Challenger

imageedit_114_7004730008 Nancy Sidebotham, At-Large Challenger imageedit_117_9136636212Sushil Jacob, Tuttle Law Group